Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (AGC) had commercialized chlro-alkali electrolysis process using perfluorinated ion exchange membranes (Flemion®). AGC participated in the PEFC project of NEDO (New Energy and -Industrial Technology Development Organization) which started in the fiscal year 1992. In this program, AGC selected Flemion®S as one of the candidate membranes for PEFC. The properties of Flemion®S and Nafion®117 such as thermal stability, mechanical strength in dry and wet state, water content, AC specific resistance and gas permeability in dry and wet state, were evaluated and a new method of the preparation of membrane-electrode composites was developed (1-2).



Perfluorosulfonic acid type cation exchange membranes, Flemion®S (cation exchange capacity: 1.0 meq./g, thickness: 80 U m, AGC) and Nafion®117 (0.91 meq./g, 175 U m, du Pont), were studied. Figure 1 shows the chemical structure of these membranes.


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