2000 (Goal)

Figure 3: PEM Stack Development Progress (DOE Program)

a key measure of performance and size. The power density of600 W/L achieved in 1996 (with a 10-kW PEM stack) represents almost a doubling of the levels achieved in 1993 with a 5-kW stack. This increase in power density has been achieved despite an order of magnitude reduction in platinum loading from 4 mg/cm2to 0.25 mg/cm2. The Program has already met the platinum loading goal for the year 2000 at the 10-kW scale in 1996, but not yet at the required scale of 50-kW. Bipolar plates have also become lighter, with some suppliers having changed from graphite to metal plates. DOE is planning a new three-year development program with a stack power density goal of 1000 W/L, by

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