(2)Variety of the cell characteristic parameters

The variety of reacting activity defined by the light Ioad(75mA/cm2) performance show in Fig.4, the performance decay showed about 30mV from initial to 8,000h. The decay range has been shown equal to the rate load decay shown in Fig.3, and the performance decay rate could be explained to cause only by the decay of reacting activity.

The results of the diagnostic test to evaluate the cathode gas diffusive state by the varying air utilization operation, shows in Fig.5. The plotted values are standardized with the cell performance changing range divided by the unit range of the air utilization. So that the values seem scarcely changed in whole testing term, the cathode diffusive state has been confirmed to change little. Although the results are abridged, it has been also confirmed to change little of the anode diffusive state.

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