• Grid quality acceptable for short periods

• Grid quality-acceptable for short periods

• No break

• No grid exposure allowed

• No grid


• Hotel in constrained grid

Public buildings with critical services

Automated manufacturing


Financial trading floor

Rural resort

Present Solution

• Grid

• Grid Stand-by Diesel

• Grid UPS Stand-by Diesel

Stand-by Diesel

• UPS Continuous redundant on-site turbine/ diesel generation


Diesel generation

Figure 2 shows the system's integration and operating modes for the Continuous Power, Uninterrupted application, as an example. It is fairly straightforward and not excessively expensive.

Because the PC25's operating costs are very low and it delivers valuable dedicated power, the economics of these six applications are superior to conventional solutions, in most areas of the country today. This is shown in Figure 3.

Power Plant Operation Normal

• Grid independent, but synchronized to the grid

• Dedicated source for critical load (©and© closed, ®open)

Grid Outage

• No effect on load PC25 Outage

• PC25 disconnects through static switch

-Switch opens© and® closes

• Switches-down to 1/4 cycle

• Grid powers load for short period

PC25 Returns

• PC25 reconnects through switch

-Switch opens closes© -No break

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