Improvement Of Cofired Multilayer

In order to improve the reliability of cofired multilayer, we investigated effect of cofiring temperature and composition , synthesis temperature of cathode on reliability of multilayer [2], As a result, the elevation of cofiring temperature and optimization of composition and synthesis process of cathode for the elevated temperature were effective to improve the reliability of cofired multilayer. The single cell testing was practiced with the multilayers cofired at the different two temperatures. The gross surface area of each cell was 150cm2 and the effective electrode area was 120cm2. The tests were performed in an electric furnace at 1000 Hydrogen gas saturated by water at 30 "C was used as the fuel gas. The cell A was cofired at lower temperature, and the cell B was done at higher temperature. Maximum power densities of the cell A and the cell B were 0.31Wcm'2 and 0.27Wcm"2, respectively. The inferiority of power density of the cell B was due to the increase in anodic and cathodic polarization resistivity. The results of endurance test were shown in Fig. 2. On the contrary, the degradation rate of terminal voltage (at 0.3Acm"2) of the cell A was higher than that of the cell B (4.2 and 0.19mVlf', respectively). The superior reliability of multilayer cofired at high temperature seems to be caused by the stable microstructure of electrodes under the operation. It means that the higher cofiring temperature results in the stronger bonding among particles which constitute electrodes.

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