The concept is being implemented by means of an agreement between the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and the Russian Federation Ministry of Atomic Energy (MINATOM). This agreement is guided by the principles of the December 1993 Russian/American agreement on scientific and technical collaboration and specifically addresses fuel cell development. The mission and purposes of the consortium are given on the poster. A steering committee composed of representatives from the U.S. and Russian governments national laboratories, and industry prepared the agreement and supporting documents for the consortium. The major supporting documents are those describing the Russian/American Fuel Cell Consortium (RAFCO) Participants and the Project Proposal guidelines. Both of these documents are shown on the poster and are available along with the basic agreement at the RAFCO table.

RAFCO will be operated by a Joint Committee selected from the participants and chaired by two representatives, one from DOE and one from MINATOM. Various subcommittees including the proposal guidance and evaluation committee will support the Joint Committee.

Intellectual property rights are recognized as an important concern and are covered in the agreement and supporting documents. The first cooperative projects to be implemented under the agreement have been identified by the steering committee and will be started as soon as the agreement is in place. A list of these projects in provided on the poster.

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