Ikeda Etal

Major features of PC25 C are as follows:

• Maintaining the excellent baseline power plant design and characteristics of the preceding model, PC25 A

• Remarkable reduction of size, weight and cost

• Improvement of plant installability and maintainability

The specification for the 200kW PC25 C is shown in Table 1. The 22 units of PC25 C have been shipped to many destinations in U.S., Japan and Korea ; these are now being placed in service. Initial operation has shown good performance. Seven units have been shipped to Japan for Tokyo Gas Company, Osaka Gas Company and Toshiba's factory. A PC25 C at the Torishima site of Osaka Gas, which was the first PC25 C production unit has cumulative operating time more than 2,000 hours. For reference, a prototype PC25 C unit which is installed at the IFC/ONSI plant has recorded cumulative operation time more than 10,000 hours as of the end of August, 1996.

Table 1. Specification of PC25 C

Net AC Efficiency i%LHVl

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