Figure 2 Mesurement Points on a cell

CD Current Density

Figure 3 shows the effect of current density on temperature distribution. Temperature is rising remarkably together with the ascent of current density. The rising rate was about 10 °C /100mA cm "2. And the distribution among cells varied tiny at light load, but at high current density, this one varied widely and generated the big hot-spot on center cells in a part.

® Air Utilization

Rgure 4 shows the effect of air utilization on temperature distribution. Temparature is rising together with the ascent of the air utilization, and the hot-spot moved to the air inlet area. The rising rate was about 1 ~ 2 °C /10%. ® Fuel Utilization

This distribution was the same result with the air one, but hot-spot didn't moved.

By these measurement, it became clear that the current density had an effect on temperature. Table 3 shows relationship between current density and maximum temperature.

Table 3 Current Density and Maximum Temperature

Current Density (mA/cm2)

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