Figure 1 Comparison between Imra Membrane and a conventional membrane in fuel cell performance

As shown in Fig.l, it was possible to make a fuel cell with IMRA MEMBRANE and electrodes which shows higher performance than that with a conventional membranes. It should be noted that IMRA MEMBRANE used in this experiment was slightly thicker than the conventional membrane. The gas diffusion electrodes were taken from the same lot for both the experiments to ensure that catalytic activity does not make a difference.

Figure 2 shows polarization curves obtained with IMRA MEMBRANE and electrodes at various running conditions. In the case of hydrogen/oxygen feed gases, the cell could be run at broad temperature range for the cell and humidification bubbler. On the other hand, the cell with air feed gas tended to dry up unless the running condition was carefully chosen. The cell temperature was lowered or the amount of water vapor supplied with gases was increased compared with the case of hydrogen/oxygen feed gases so that the cell could keep constant performance.

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