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While initial data at some of the operating power plant conditions shows compliance to the harmonic limits of IEEE 519, as of the writing of this paper not all plant conditions have been tested and further data is required to fully verify compliance. From an operating stand point, the power plant has proven its capability to ride through short duration grid disturbances without tripping offline. Figure 3 shows a voltage sag on the City of Santa Clara Power System which was caused by an equipment failure. The failure was outside of the City's service area but it had affected the City's grid by causing a voltage sag lasting about lOOmSec. On the 12KV feeder to which the plant is connected, the voltage reached a low of about 9.2 KV. This sag caused no upset with the power plant output. Using conventional technology we have demonstrated the fuel cell's ability to produce high quality utility grade power and deliver it to a utility system with high reliability.

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