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was not able to achieve self sustaining operation because the performance requirements were not met. Additional engineering and equipment modifications were required to ensure that proper flow and temperature conditions were delivered to the tuibocharger system.

Benefits of SDG&E Participation:

By participating in the PDT project, SDG&E was able to improve the success of the PDT project by utilizing experienced power plant engineering, operations, maintenance, and craft personnel. In addition, we were able to use the existing support infrastructure of vendors, suppliers, and services to get quick tum-around of supplies and materials needed in the construction and commissioning process. Throughout the construction and commissioning process, SDG&E was able to provide a user's perspective on process design and solutions to field problems. In addition, we were able to contribute to the adaptation of standard operating procedures and safety considerations. The experienced power plant personnel provided a perspective of looking at the fuel cell as a generating facility rather than a research exercise.

The anticipated benefits to SDG&E include a perspective of how to accommodate a product such as a carbonate fuel cell as part of its operations in a restructured electric utility industry, the potential applications a fuel cell product as distributed generator at customer sites, and the potential impact on the electric distribution system. Fuel cells provide one more option to the utilities' portfolio of distributed generation technologies to consider in their implementation plans. However, when SDG&E initiated its support for the M-C Power technology, electric industiy restructure was far from a thought But as we approach the operation of the PDT plant, the utility business environment is fluid and full of uncertainties.


The coordination during construction and start-up of the different participants was a challenge. The results to-date however, have been very positive. Throughout the construction and subsystem pre-testing we've had no loss of time due to accidents. The non-specialized work force consisting of technicians, craftsmen, and operators have worked veiy well. Although we've experienced some setbacks in schedule, we have not identified an insurmountable roadblock to prevent a successful operation of the PDT plant uenai»«


Figure 2. Process Flow Diagram for 250 kW IMHEX Fuel Cell Plant at NAS Miramar fm/wnRja.caj.1

Figure 2. Process Flow Diagram for 250 kW IMHEX Fuel Cell Plant at NAS Miramar lOOOkW ON-SITE PAFC POWER PLANT DEVELOPMENT AND DEMONSTRATION

Tomohide Satomi, Shunichi Koike Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell Technology Research Association (PAFC-TRA) 3-3 , 3-chome, Tenjinbashi, Kita—ku, Osaka 530, Japan

Ryou Ishikawa

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) 1—1, 3-chome, Higashi—Ikebukuro, Toshima—ku, Tokyo 170, Japan

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