Fabrication Process

By manipulating the material composition, powder characteristics and firing condition, the mismatch of sintering shrinkage profiles and the thermal expansion characteristics of anode, cathode and electrolyte materials were minimized to achieve good flatness of multilayer surfaces. In tills study, we fabricated multilayers with surface area of 150, 225 and 400cm2. Using multilayers with surface area of 150cm2, we constructed the multiple cell stacks. The materials of current collectors were almost same as those of electrodes. The grooves of Ni-Cr alloy and LaCr03 ceramics interconnects were fabricated by a machining process. A composite sealing material was composed of glass and ceramics. The sealing area was increased to prevent gas leakage compared with the previous stack testing, so that the effective electrode area of each cell planes decreased from 484cm2 to 400cm2.

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