Fabrication Of Cell Components

As for the elcctrodes, the metal powders (Ni for cathode and a mixture of 90% Ni and 10% Cr for anodes) were used for making slurries and the slurry was casted into the shape of tape by the tape casting method. After being dried, this green sheet was then dewaxed and sintered in the electric furnace under the atmosphere of Ar-Hz to complete the process. A sintered Ni for cathodes was further oxidized into NiO during the cell operation by an in-situ method. L1AIO2 powders and the mixture of 62 mole % LÍ2CO3 and 38 mole% K2CO3 powders were used as the materials for the matrix and electrolyte plate, respectively, which were also fabricated by the tape casting method. To meet the requirement of l,000crf electrode area, the skill of the component enlargement up to 45cm x 42cm in matrix and electrolyte plate and 36 x 31 in cl-rtrodes has been established and these large size components have been successfully supplied to be used in the stack. Separator plates consisted of 2 mask plates and 1 center plate. Separator plate had the gas channel of co-flow pattern. Al coating 011 the wet seal area of the separators was also chosen for its corrosion protection. Plasma spray method for Al coating in the separators was adapted.

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