Unit cells were fabricated using conventional thick film processing techniques, i.e., doctor blade and screen printing. And we could make planar type unit cell about 7 cm2 size, using by 8 mol% YSZ electrolyte, perovskite type cathode, and Ni-YSZ cermet anode. As cathode material lanthanum-strontium -manganese perovskite (LSM) of optimized La0.7Sr0.3Mn03 composition was used because of its high electric conductivity and good compatibility with the electrolyte, consisting of zirconia doped with 8 mol% yttria (8YSZ).

A schematic diagram of the fabrication is shown in figure 1. In this fabrication process, electrolyte and anode powders are first mixed with organic binders to form ceramic masses. Anode and cathode slurry were screen printed onto dense YSZ electrolytes and fired at 1400 and 1200°C, respectively.

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