Cu alloy anode

Powder of Cu alloy was made with high pressure water atomization method, and was sieved under 44 jam in diameter. Green sheet was made from the powder with conventional tape casting method. Cu alloy anode was made of the green sheet, which was heated at 700 °C in H2 after being heated at 450—1,050 tl in air ( namely the two-step sintering method involving both oxidation and reduction for the green sheet ). Creep test of Cu alloy anode coated with electrolyte »as carried out in a H2-C02-H20 ( 79-19-2 ) mixture gas stream under 5kgf/cm2 at 700X:, in order to evaluate the stability of morphology at high temperature. The evaluation was determined by measuring thickness of Cu alloy anode.

Potentiodynamics polarization measurement were performed under anode atmosphere ( H2-208C02 gas bubbled in Li2C03-38molXK2C03 molten carbonate ) at 650 V with the 33X02-67*C02/Au reference electrode.

Coated separator

The specimens are shown in Table 1. The chemical composition is given in Table 2. The specimens were electroplated with A1 and Ni. There were two kinds of coating thickness in specimens. One is 15¿to of A1 coating thickness with 5/im of Ni coating thickness ( Type A ), and another is 10fiat of A1 with 5 jam of Ni ( Type B ). And coated specimens were heated at 750t for 1 hour in Ar gas.

Immersion test in molten carbonate and heat test under air atmosphere were carried out till about 15.000 hours.

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