The fabrication procedure of the cell is summarized in Table 1. Cathode-supported tubular cell structure was employed to reduce the cell resistance. Every cell component was prepared by the wet ceramic process. The support tube was made from the (La,Sr)Mh03. powder by an extrusion process and sintering. (La,Ca)Cr03 powder was synthesized through thermal decomposition of the nitrate mixture and then the resultant slurry was coated to form an interconnector stripe. The YSZ electrolyte thin film and Ni+YSZ anode thick film were also prepared by slurry coating process.

Generation performance of the single cells with various anode areas from 28 to 280cm2 and that of the ITT cell bundle was evaluated using HrHl%H20 as a fuel and air as an oxidant at 1000 °C. Long-term generation test and thermal cycle property were evaluated for the single celL

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