Figure 1 shows a manufacturing process of 25 vol.% LaCr03-dispcrsed Cr(25LC). The pure Cr metal was used as a reference material and manufactured by using the same process as 25LC. The 25LC was prepared by mixing metal Cr and LaCr03 powders in high energy milling machine for 24 h with organic substance that include polyvinyl butyral and isoprophyl alcohol, followed by sintering under Ar atmosphere with 1 vol.% H2 for 1 h at 1500 °C that was measured by optical n pyrometer. The sintered samples were a disk type of diameter of 10 mm and thickness of 3 mm.

Their densities were calculated from volume and weight. The thermal expansion was examined by using a dilatomcter between room temperature and 1000 °C. The electrical conductivity was measured at room temperature by HP 4338A Mlliohmmeter, and the Kelvin Clip Leads of HP

16005C, D were used as probes. The oxidation tests were carried out in air at 1100 °C, which is higher than normal operation temperature of 1000 °C in SOFC for an acceleration condition.

During oxidation test, the samples were maintained at 1100 °C for 20 h and at room temperature for 5 h, which was defined as 1 cycle of the oxidation data

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