The short stack design was optimized by simulation calculation11-2', and the life test with some perturbation have been performed. The operation condition of short stack show in Table 1. The short stack was composed with four different cell designed blocks, for the purpose of selecting the proper design, and the each cell designed block's performances have been evaluated respectively during the short stack test2'. The short stack test was started since March 1994, the cumulative operation time have reached over 10,000h. Twice extraction of parts from the stack for the purpose of interim inspection have been done during the life test.

The diagnostic tests3' for evaluating the variety of the each cell characteristic parameters have been carried out regularly. The operation condition of diagnostic test for the cell characteristics show in Table 2.

The load perturbation test have also done to investigate the influence of the load operation mo.de on the cell life performance. Figure 1 shows the load pattern of the weekly perturbation, full power load in weekday and standby load in weekend. Figure 2 shows the load pattern of the daily perturbation, full power load in day time and standby mode in night.

Table 1. The standard operation condition of short stack.
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