Development Of Tubular Type Cell Stack

We have applied the spray coating method to the tubular type SOFC. The cell stack has 15 cclls connected in series, and the stack length is 500mm.

The overview of stacks is shown in Fig. 1. Fig. 2 shows the structure of the stack. Main materials of films and film thickness are shown in Table 1. Most of films of this slack has bcen produced by atmospheric plasma spray coating method. However electrolyte film is produced by low pressure plasma spray (LPS) coating method, because it needs gas tightness.

We have been making efforts to improve ccll performance. Major improvements are as follows;

1) Optimization of the spray conditions

2) Quality control of each material

3) Optimization of the cell configuration

Fig. 3 shows the example of I-V characteristics. Tests were conductcd at 900 °C, atmospheric pressure, using hydrogen as fuel and air as oxidant. MHl's cell-stack can be operated over 80% fuel utilization and the maximum efficiency readied 40% at the current density at 200 niA/cm2.

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Fig. 1 Appearance of Tubular Type SOFC

Table 1 Materials and Film Thickness

Interconriector Electrolyte

Table 1 Materials and Film Thickness

Structure Film


F3m Thickness

Fuel Electrode




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