Development Of Pefc For Transportable Applications

Hideo Maeda, Hisatoshi Fukumoto, Kenro Mitsuda, Hiroaki Urushibata Masao Enami* and Kazuhiko Takasu* Advanced Technology R&D Center, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Corporation

8-1-1, Tsukaguchi-Honmachi.Amagasaki, Hyogo, 661 Japan * NEDO (New En erg}- and Industrial Technology Development Organization) 3-1-1 Sunshine 60, 29F, Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku.-Tokyo, 170 Japan

Since FY 1992. we have been developing PEFC technologies under NEDO's R&D program. High power density and rapid start-up are essential requirements for transportable applications. Also, if reformed gas is used as fuel, the prevention of CO poisoning and improvement of response to loading are essential." In this paper, methods to increase the effective surface area of a cell, start-up and endurance test results, the study of CO poisoning with a pulse ckctrolyzing method and the demonstration of a hydrogen recover)- subsystem are presented.

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