Development Of Onsite Pafc Stacks

K. Hotta, Y. Matsumoto, * H. Horiuchi, * T. Ohtani Kansai Electric Power Co., Amagasaki 661 JAPAN * Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Kobe 652 JAPAN

PAFC(Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell) has been researched for commercial use and demonstration plants have been installed in various sites. However, PAFC don't have a enough stability yet, so more resaearch and development must be required in the future.

Especially, cell stack needs a proper state of three phases (liquid, gas and solid) interface. It is very difficult technology to keep this condition for a long time.

In the small size cell with the electrode area of 100cm 2, gas flow and temperature distributions show uniformity. But in the large size cell with the electrode area of 4000cm2, the temperature distributions show non-uniformity. These distributions would cause to be shorten the cell life. Because these distributions make hot-spot and gas poverty In limited parts.

So we inserted thermocouples in short-stack for measuring three-dimensional temperature ditributions and observed effects of current density and gas utilization on temperature.

For measurement, we used a short-stack shown in table 1, and measured on experimental conditions shown in table 2.

Table 1. Specification of short-stack

Operating Pressure

Ambient Pressure

Electrode Area

4000 cm 2 class

ELectrode Form

Rectangular (F:A=2:1)

Cell Number

24 cells

Cooling Composition

6 cells / cooler

Cooling Water Temp.

170 °C

Supplied Gases

0 0

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