Current Status

PAFCs have been installed and are operational at Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA, Natick

Research, Development and Engineering Center, MA. Newport Naval Education Training Center, RI, the 934th Tactical Air Group, Minneapolis, MN, Kirtland Air Force Base, NM, Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corps Base, CA, Nellis Air Force Base, NV, Camp Pendleton, CA, Ft Eustis, VA, U. S. Military Academy, West Point, NY, and Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. A PAFC is also slated for installation at the Galley at the U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD during 1996 as part of an overall building renovation project.

Of the 10 operational fuel cells being monitored, the first came on-line in February 1995 and the last in December 1995. As of 31 January 1996 (after nearly one year), the fleet had logged over 40,000 hours of operation. The unadjusted fleet availability was 89%. In early 1996 after one unit experienced water chemistry problems related to local conditions, some units were intentionally shut down while the problem was being investigated. Adjusting for these intentional shutdowns, the fleet of 10 units has an adjusted fleet availability of approximately 88% as of 30 June 1996; with over 52,000 hours of operation.

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