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Interconriector Electrolyte

Fig. 2 Tubular Cell Configuration

Fig. 2 Tubular Cell Configuration

Fig. 3 Example of Cell Performance DEVELOPMENT OF lOkW MODULE

Fig. 3 Example of Cell Performance DEVELOPMENT OF lOkW MODULE

EPDC and MHI designed and fabricated a lOkW module in 1995. This module mainly consists of four parts, that is fuel plenum, spent fuel plenum, reactor chamber and air preheater. This module structure is same as the lkW module. Fig. 4 shows the structure of the lOkW module, the specifications are shown in Table 2.

Wc have adopted a pendant stack structure for relaxation of thermal stress and easy maintenance of stacks. Fuel is fed from the top of the module and introduced to the fuel plenum, distribuled to each cell-stack through injection tubes and utilized for the cell reaction. Tile spent fuel is exhausted through spent fuel plenum.

Air is heated by air preheater, and is fed to a reactor chamber. Spent air is exhaust through the air exhaust tube, and its heat is exchanged to cold air in the air preheater. Current collectors are made of metal and arranged in plenums with reducing atmosphere; one is in the fuel plenum, the other is in the spent fuel plenum.

The performance curve of the lOkW is shown in Fig. 5. Hie maximum power output was 12kW and the efficiency was 34% at 80% fuel utilization. Fig. 6 shows module power output through this test. Total operation time was 5,066 hours and module power output was stable over all operation conditions. The deterioration rate was about 1 — 2% per 1,000 hours.

"Mile 2 Specifications of lOkW Module

Power Output

12.0kW D.C.

Open Circuit Voltage

0 0

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