We had following conclusions through our sub-scale single cell tests and a short-stack verification test.

(D Cathode impurity gases, such as NO2, SO2, toluene have an adverse effect on cell performance. However, considering admissible concentrations of those impurity gases, no pre-treatment will be required under normal conditions. ® Because N02 has a striking influence on cell performance at such low concentration as 1 ppm, inlet of supplied air has to be installed properly. ® From parameter surveys on single sub-scale cells, operating temperature is a significant factor, which mainly determines cell degradation rate. © Lowering operating temperature appears effective to extend cell life from short-stack tests. © From results of our feasibility study, Low Current Density PAFC becomes more profitable on account of longer cell life and higher electrical efficiency, if cell manufacturing cost becomes less than S 1,000/kW.

2000 3000 4000 OPERATION TIME Otts)

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