MCFCs with NiO/LiCo02-cathodes achieve a high power density at 650°C comparable to that of regular NiO-cathodes provided that the following conditions of the microstructure are given:

• average agglomerate diameter < 3pm

• specific inner surface of agglomerates > 10 raVcm3

[1] L.Plomb, R.C.Makkus, E.F.Sitters, G.Rietveld, „ Endurance Issues and Materials Development in Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Technology" Program and Abstracts, pp. 164-167,1994 Fuel Cell Seminar, San Diego, California, Nov.28-Dec.l

[2] B.Rohland, UJantsch, „LiCo02-Cathodes with Optimized Microstructure. One of the Keys for High Performance and Long Life MCFC", Denki Kagaku, Vol. 64, No.6, pp. 519-525,1996


This work is based on a project supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology (BMBF) through contract No. 0329173B. The authors wish to express their gratitude for the support received.

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