Cell Design

The schematic design of Murata's multiple cell stack is shown in Fig. 1. Four cofired multilayers with surface area of 150cm2 are connected in parallel in the same interconnect plane. An effective area in each plane was 400cm2. These four multilayers in the same plane are sandwiched by current collectors and interconnects. For the interconnects materials, we used Ni-Cr alloy or LaCr03 ceramics. The material used for the electrolyte is Y203 stabilized Zr02. The materials used for the anode and cathode are Ni/YSZ cermet and (La,Sr)Mn03, respectively. The doctor blade technique was used for forming the thin green anode, cathode and electrolyte films. These green ceramics films were cut into desired sizes and laminated as green bodies to form multilayers. The green multilayers were then cofired below 1400t and sintered into a rigid structure. The thickness of multilayer is 300pm.

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