Calculation Basis

The system efficiency is calculated on the basis shown in Table 1.

Table I: Basis for System Efficiency Calculation

Power Plant Size (MW) 50

Inverter Efficiency (%) 98 Machinery Efficiency (%)


Expander(adiabatic) 88

Compressor(adiabatic) 85

Mechanical Loss 5

Generator 90

Other Compressors (adiabatic) 80

Pump 75

Motor 90 Heat Loss (Gcal/H)

Fuel Cell Stack 2-3

High Temperature Piping 1.7

Catalytic Burner 0.4

Other Parasitic Power Consumption (kW) 500

For comparison purpose, the system efficiency of the internal reforming(IR-) MCFC power plant is also calculated on the same basis.

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