Ansaldo Programs On Fuel Cell Vehicles

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The growth in traffic and the importance of maintaining a stable ecology at the global scale, particularly with regard to atmospheric pollution, raises the necessity to realise a new generation of vehicles which are more efficient, more economical and compatible with the environment.

At European level, the Car of Tomorrow task force has identified fuel cells as a promising alternative propulsion system.

Ansaldo Ricerche has been involved in the development of fuel cell vehicles since the early nineties. Current ongoing programs relates to:

• Fuel cell bus demonstrator (EQHHPP BUS) Test in 1996

• Fuel cell boat demonstrator (EQHHPP BOAT) Test in 1997

• Fuel cell passenger car prototype (FEVER) Test in 1997

• 2nd generation Fuel cell bus (FCBUS) 1996-1999

• 2nd generation Fuel cell passenger car (HYDRO-GEN) 1996-1999 EQHHPP FCBUS

This project, first announced during 1992 Fuel Cell Seminar, concerns the realisation of a demonstrator of a full size urban bus (12 m) powered by SPFC fuel cells. The bus is conceived as a laboratory vehicle, where all components are laid out on the passenger compartment for ease of access during tests.

The construction has been finished early this year and operational tests are being performed at Ansaldo premises. Tests on the road are scheduled early 1997 in the Italian city of Brescia.

The project has accumulated over one year delay due to technical problems on some components.

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