Air Supply System Conceived For The Envisaged Ship

With the view to providing high PEFC operating efficiency over a wide range of loading, as well as to ensuring versatile load-following capability, the air supply system conceived to equip the envisaged ship is devised to seek:-

- Enhancement of PEFC generating efficiency through pressurized fuel cell operation (use of air compressor)

- Retrenchment of compressor power at low load (compressor delivery flow rate and pressure controlled to follow variations in fuel cell load)

- Enhanced utilization of surplus hydrogen in the off-gas (use of an auxiliary combustor installed immediately upstream of turbine)

- Enhanced utilization of exhaust heat (turbine compressor equipped with generator-motor).

The generator-motor referred to above is connected to the compressor shaft through reduction gearing, and serves as generator during excess turbine output, and as motor during shortages of same.

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