Activated Carbon bed


PSA by-pass line -M-



Storage w

PSA unit Tank

ADG Pretreataent Unit Vacuum P^P

200kl FCPP

Figure 1. System flow diagram

In Phase-1, the verification tests of ADG pretreatment and FCPP Fuel Processor System(FPS) performance on ADG which contains up to 40 % diluents ( C02) were performed. An analysis of seasonal ADG composition at the Yokohama city facility was also carried out. A small scale test unit was used in this phase. A small scale test unit consists of an ADG pretreatment unit and a FPS unit which contains a reformer, a steam tank to supply the steam for reforming, an electrical heater to provide the heat for reforming and a low temperature shift converter (LTS ).

In Phase-2, a standard 200 kW FCPP (PC25™B) which was designed to operate on pipeline natural gas and a full-scaled ADG pretreatment unit were installed at Hokubu Sludge Treatment Center of Yokohama city. A complete view of this plant is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Complete view of the demonstration plant

In Phase-3, the parametric test for each methane concentration (90%, 75% and 60%) was performed. The plant operation data for each test was collected by means of gas analyses in the FCPP and supplied ADG flow rates which was measured by the external flow meter. The main technical approach in this phase was to evaluate the capability to operate on 60% methane.

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