Activities Dedicated To Fcpp Commercialization At Toshiba

Shin-ichi Ikeda, Jiro Ozono, and Nobuaki Sato Fuel Cell Systems Division Toshiba Corporation 1-6 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan


The present line-up of fuel cell power plants (FCPPs) at Toshiba consists of 11MW FCPP for pressurized operation, lOOOkW on-site FCPP and 200kW on-site FCPP. In these, an 11MW FCPP installed at Goi Power Station of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is providing valuable experience through more than 20,000 cumulative hours of operation. Also, a lOOOkW on-site FCPP, which Toshiba manufactured under the joint program of NEDO and PAFC Technology Research Association, has cumulative operation of 7,500 hours.

Toshiba, however, believes that the 200kW on-site FCPP is the leader in the commercialization of phosphoric acid FCPP. This paper therefore presents the development status of 200kW power plants and our strategic considerations for full commercialization of PC25 type 200kW FCPP.


In 1990, IFC ( a subsidiary of UTC in which Toshiba has significant interest) and Toshiba formed ONSI as a subsidiary of IFC, which focuses on on-site power plants. Toshiba has since performed E&D and business activities under strong cooperation with IFC/ONSI. As the first step, Toshiba cooperated closely with IFC/ONSI in developing ONSI's 200kW PC25™A FCPP. Toshiba shared in the development and manufacturing of the reformers and electrical system assemblies for PC25 model A units.

Now, a total of 104 units of 200kW PC25 FCPP delivered by ONSI or Toshiba are showing excellent average operating availability of 95%. Most of the plants are showing stable characteristics in cell voltage, as shown in Figure 1. Three units have cumulative operating time exceeding 30,000 hours, and 29 units have exceeded 20,000 hours. Continuous generation in excess of 6 months has been achieved in 29 cases. In April, 1996, the PC25 fleet has accumulated one million hours of service world wide.

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