PJ. Regna (Aero Tec Laboratories), CJ. Anderson, G. Kendall, W.M. Parks, and D.H. Swan (AeroVironment), B.D. James and I.F. Kuhn, Jr. (Directed Technologies), S. Chalk and J. Milliken (DOE), R.C. Haddock and R. Willardson (EDO Fiber Science), G.H. Purnell and R.I. Sims (Ford), J.F. McElroy, T.M. Molter, L. Moulthrop, and R. Zhang (Hamilton Standard), M.L. Dickerson, MJ. Eckart, W. Jensen, and J.C. Whitehead (LLNL), J. Baer-Reidhart (NASA Dryden). This work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. DOE by LLNL under contract number W-74Q5£ng48.

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