• lAIR, Imî «kW, Co«nt(r O AIR. O-S.tV, «kW, Cra>*

520 540 560 580 600 620 640 660 680 700 TEMPERATURE [^D]

Fig. 6 Progress of Temperature Distributions of IR Stacks

0 10 20 CATHODE GAS FLOW RATE [Net, Normalized:NmJ /h/kW]

Fig.7 Progress of Thermal Balances of IR Stacks lm 2 — lOkW AIR STACK for PRESSURIZED OPERATION

The code name of a lm2-10kW AIR stack for pressurized operation is PIR100—1. The specification of PIR100-1 is shown in Table 2 and the situation of installing is also shown in Photo 2. This stack uses Li/Na electrolyte instead of Li/K in order to reduce Ni dissolution at the pressurized operation. PIR100-1 shows 0.851V at 150mA/cm2, 0.781V at 250mA/cm 2 and 0.745V at 300mA/cm 2 , when the fuel is CHVH20=25/75, the fuel utilization is 80%, the oxidant is AIR/C02= 70/30, the oxidant utilization is 20% and the operating pressure is 0.5MPa. Fig. 8 shows the i—V curve and Fig. 9 shows the power density. 2.2kW/m 2 as the power density of MCFC stacks is the highest record in the world. PIR100-1 has been operated since March 1996. The operation time is 2,871hours (the power generating time:2,007hours and the continuous 250mA/cm 2 operation time:500hours) on August 9,1996.

Table 1 Specification of PIRlOO-1



Electrode Area





Advanced IR •

Cell Number

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