6 Conclusions

As described, extensive knowledge has been gained on electrocatalysts, electrode structures, gas flow fields, PEFC operating conditions, catalysts for CO selective oxidizer, etc. Through the application of this knowledge to the methanol reformer and PEFC, it has become possible to attain cell performance equivalent to that in pure hydrogen when utilizing a methanol reformer and reformed gas in the PEFC system.

TOYOTA is continuing to conduct studies in the various areas mentioned earlier. Furtherdevclopment of the PEFC itself is naturally necessary. However, it will also be vital to enhance overall vehicle and component performance, including that of the secondary battery, to allow the practical adoption of PEFCs in the near future. TOYOTA will continue to aggressively pursue R&D in this field in order to realize the effective use of electric vehicles powered by PEFCs.

Metal Hydride

High Pressure Cylinder

Methanol - Reformer

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