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Case 1: Standard hydrogen plant, reforming without air preheat using only HT shift reactor. Case 2: Case 1, including LT shift reactor.

Case 3: case 1, including gas turbine exhaust as combustion air (enthalpy of air included). Case 4: Case I, generating electricity with the available (exported) steam. Case 5: Case 4, with auxiliary firing in the convection section.

Because of scale's economy, larger units (> 40,000 Nm3H2/h) allow a lower consumption down to 0.41 Nm3 CH4/Nm3H2 . However since H2 for fuel cells is a commodity not available "over the fence", a comparison with figures for typical small sized plants (200 or ever 500 Nm3H2/h) like those marketed for the 50-200 kVV PAFC is compulsory. According to specifications given by Companies, "minimum" specific consumption on such plants is in the order of 0.45 Nm3CH4/Nm3H2 or 4,000 kca!/Nm3H2 (based upon LHV) which should thus be taken as a reference for the comparison.

/Conversely, as the CSPOM is mildly exothermic:

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