It is necessary to pressurize SOFC module for realizing high efficiency SOFC plant, combined with gas turbine. EPDC & MHI have started developing of pressurizing technologies of SOFC since 1995.

Main technical points are follows;

• Evaluation of the stack performances at pressurized condition

• Establishment of system control technologies

Wc have developed pressurized lk\V module in 1996. Table 3 shows the performance data of the lkW module, and Fig. 7 shows the appearance of the pressurized lkW module. In this test we have confirmed the improvement of module performances by pressurization. And we arc now planning the development of a pressurized lOkW module as for next step.

Table 3 Performance Data of lkW Module




Operating Pressure


5atg '

Operating Temperature

0 0

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