Catalyst temperature [*C]

Parasitic reactions of catalysts verified with gas initially devoid of CO

(3) Tests on reformate gas with reactor corresponding to lkW output PEFC system

For the purpose of deriving criteria to serve in selecting granular catalysts for removal of CO-which is present in 1 to 2% concentration in gas from actual reformate reactor (H2:C02 = 75/25)-and also for evaluating catalyst performance, tests were conducted on a laboratory reactor corresponding to a lkW output PEFC system, with results as summarized below.

(3-1) Performance of Ru-base catalyst

The performance of Ru-base catalyst was examined in terms of the reactor exit CO and CH4 concentrations related to stoichiometric ratio, at different catalyst entrance temperatures.

The plots shown in Fig. 3 are from runs at 100 and 150°C catalyst entrance temperature. Exit CO concentration is seen to lower with increasing stoichiometric ratio up to 3.2, at which point a concentration of 16 ppm has been marked with 150°C reactor entrance temperature. The original CO concentration at reactor entrance was 10,057 ppm, meaning that the catalyst performed at a CO removal efficiency nc0 of 99.84%.

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