- To deal with the abrupt load decrease occurring upon crash stop astern maneuver, constituting the occasion of maximum rate of load change, considering that the limit to fuel supply circuit pressure will preclude resorting to the measure cited above for bow thruster actuation, and in view of the infrequency expected.of this maneuver, the possibility is being examined of dealing with the eventuality by burning the excess fuel in a catalytic combuster to be installed in the exhaust duct line of fuel cell and releasing the effluent to atmosphere.

- Load variations accompanying transitions between navigation in confined water and in open sea are to be controlled, independently of the rate at which the command lever is moved, by what is known as "programmed acceleration" and "programmed deceleration", based on the load-following characteristics of the fuel supply circuit.

The arrangement of system control circuitry contemplated for accommodating abrupt load variations is schematized in Pig. 4.


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