3 Results And Discussion


Table 1 presents the seasonal ADG composition. The data shows that the methane constituent is almost 60 vol% for all season and its seasonal fluctuations are small. It is noted that a small amount of oxygen (less than 1 vol% )is also present.

The EPS test results are shown in Figure 3. The methane conversion is lower than what was experienced in the natural gas fueled FCPP. And the methane conversion shows a tendency to decrease as the methane concentration reduces. The reason is estimated that the heat to be given for reforming of methane was not sufficient since a part of heat source was consumed for heating the diluent as CO, .which provided by an electrical heater and is constant in this test.

The CO conversion for each methane concentration is the same as what was experienced in the natural gas fueled FCPP. The CO concentration at the FPS oudet gas is less than 1.0 voI% which meets tie FCPP requirements. These results confirm FPS operability on 60% methane.

In addition, the following results were obtained:

(a) The period of PSA bed Adsorption/Desoiption was 140 seconds.

(b) The Hydrogen Sulfide varies irregularly with peaks to 50 ppmv for a short time.

(c) ADG contaminants are sufficiently removed by the pretreatment unit confirming its design satisfies FCPP requirements.

(d) A part of the C02 in the ADG contributes to the refoiming as a substitute for H,0, judging from the CO, concentration at the reformer outlet gas shown in Figure 3.

Table 1 Seasonal ADG composition
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