3 Promotion To Commercialization

Fuel cell customers demand reliable and high quality energy output at a competitive price. To meet this demand, Toshiba will focus on the three factors ; product reliability, cost reduction, and maintenance and servicing.

(1) Product Reliability

We believe that Toshiba, IFC and ONSI have established the reliable technologies necessary for manufacturing the 200kW on-site FCPP as a commercial product.

As mentioned above, PC25 FCPPs installed at various locations in the world so far are establishing excellent operating records. In addition to the experience from field operation, Toshiba has focused on verifying the stability of cell characteristics during long term operation, since we recognize the customer's concern with durability of cell performance over a cell life of 40,000 hours. For example, Toshiba has performed several teardown inspections and examinations to evaluate the integrity of cell stack assembly observing the interim state of the CSA components which had been operated for an extended period. Key factors affecting cell life, such as carbon corrosion, loss of electrolyte and catalyst sintering, have been evaluated. To date there have been no indications of wear out or life limitation.

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