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Figure 1:- Average Annual Sales of SOFC Distributed Power Plant (MWe pa)

Figure 1:- Average Annual Sales of SOFC Distributed Power Plant (MWe pa)

3.2 SOFC Cogeneration Systems

A secondary market for SOFC systems may lie in the medium scale cogeneration market sector, with typical unit sizes here being some 500 kWe and with a small, but significant market sub-sector of micro-CHP units, at a typical size level of 10 kWe. The latter sub-sector could account for some 2.5% of overall SOFC cogeneration capacity. Again, various market scenarios were considered against the background of predicted demand growths for both electricity supply and cogeneration.

The central and low scenarios are believed to be far more realistic estimates in this market sector, noting the various considerations of heat to power ratio mis-matches and the commercial implications of export contracts. Under the central scenario, power plant sales are predicted to rise to in excess of 700 MWe pa, in the year 2025 to 2029 timeframe, i.e. some 20% of the level achieved in the high scenario for multi-MWe distributed generation systems.

3 3 SPFC Cogeneration Systems

The small scale cogeneration market sector forms an attractive market entry point for packaged SPFC cogeneration systems, with market share here being predominantly at the expense of existing gas engine systems. Figure 2 shows the predicted market growth for solid polymer systems in this sector, in MWe pa..

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