Operation Time (hours) Fig.6 Electric generating test results of a sub-scale stack

3.Manufao.turing Process Technologies of Full-sized Parts

Toshiba is proceeding to develop the manufacturing process technologies of full-sized flexible separator, electrodes and a -LiA102 matrix. Fig.7 shows the a -LLAIO2 matrix-tape manufactured by a continuous tape caster.

Fig.7 a -LiA102 matrix-tape manufactured by a continuous tape caster 4.Full-sized Stack Test for Verification

Incorporating all technical knowledge mentioned above, Toshiba has fabricated a full-sized cell stack. Fig.8 shows the stack mounted on a test stand. The test for evaluating gas leakage will be conducted on this stack soon.

Fig.8 Full-sized stack mounted on a test stand Acknowledgment

A part of the works was conducted by the MCFC Research Association. The MCFC Research Association was commissioned to do the work by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) as a part of the New Sunshine Program of MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry). We appreciate the advice and support of MCFC R.A., NEDO and MITI.

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