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Maximum steam-supply level of the plant

Double-layer catalyst bed

Conventional Ni-Al203 catalyst bed

Fig. 3 Comparison of the quantity of steam for steam reforming of LPG at AC 200kW power generation switching test results at AC 200 oc « kW power generation. Despite the fuel switching from pipeline town gas to LPG and vice versa, the fuel-cell DC output power and the AC output power remain constant. The fuel and steam supply is automatically controlled to form a fixed quantity of hydrogen in the reformer, to maintain constant output power at AC 200 kW, and to suppress carbon deposition. The steam supply is increased transitionally to avoid steam shortages when the fuel is switched. The reformer top-tube temperature is changed by fuel switching for 5-6 minutes but is stabilized after that. The fuel-switching test results at the partial output-power generation are similar to those at AC 200 kW power generation.

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