integrated on the testbed in conjunction with low cost automotive flow controllers and will be tested in the upcoming months.

JP-8 Fuel Processor

A fuel processor capable of delivering sulfur-free reformate to a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) was developed and delivered to a client where it has undergone over 1200 hours of successful testing. During the development of the POX only fuel processor, the client dictated that the only acceptable fuel gases to the SOFC were hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and small amounts of methane. Hydrocarbons higher than methane are prone to form carbon inside the SOFC and therefore, were to be avoided. Figure 8 shows that conversions of 65 to 72 % were possible for 2.0 <(Ji<3.6 with less than 1% of the fuel converted to carbon. An active carbon removal system and a gas-phase desulfurization system were developed to deliver particulate free, sulfur

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