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Figure 2. MW-class PSOFC/GT cogeneration system performance estimates.

Since the PSOFC/GT combined cycle can be configured to achieve very high levels of efficiency at capacity levels two orders of magnitude smaller than non fuel cell systems, the SureCELL™ PSOFC/GT is the ideal distributed power generator, and the concept has attractive cogeneration potential. Widely dispersed and located near load centers, SureCELL™ systems could contribute to a world wide reduction in carbon dioxide production because of their inherent efficiency. Using desulfurized fuel, and with minimal fuel combustion, the SureCELL™ system would also produce significantly less NOx and SOx than non fuel cell alternatives. The addition of the gas turbine as the bottoming cycle to the SOFC adds an increment of output without the consumption of additional fuel thereby yielding the higher efficiency. More importantly perhaps, the relatively low technology level of the turbine required results in the addition of this capacity and efficiency increment at far less cost than would be possible with fuel cells alone.

Tubular SOFC development is sponsored by Westinghouse and the United States Department of Energy, Morgantown Energy Technology Center, under cooperative agreement DE-FC21-91MC28055. Pressurized SOFC testing is supported by: DOE-METC; Westinghouse; and Ontario Hydro Technologies and their Canadian funding partners. In addition, analysis of pressurized cell test data is sponsored by the preceding plus the New Energy and Industrial Technology Organization (NEDO) of Japan and their participating Japanese Electric Power Companies.


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