SOFC Power, MW ac

! 1.95

Gas Turbine Power, MW ac

! 1.03

Plant Net ac Power, MW

! 2.93

Plant Efficiency, Net ac/LHV

! 63.7

Again utilizing a single-shaft gas turbine basis, but with a lower power rating, and a pressurized SOFC module housing only one submodule, a MW-class PSOFC/GT power plant can be configured that will also achieve very attractive performance. Figure 1 shows design-point performance for the plant operating with an SOFC fuel utilization of 85%, and for a low pressure ratio that may permit indoor installation. At each point on the curve the SOFC system configuration is fixed as indicated above, but the gas turbine sizing is allowed to change from point to point in response to changes in the SOFC operating point and the air mass flow requirement. Given a cell current density at each point on the curve, the SOFC stoichs requirement (3.5 minimum) was adjusted to maintain the recuperator effectiveness at 93%. The selection of a particular design-point on the curve for a specific application will of course depend on economic considerations.

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