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* HP moduIe/LP module

* HP moduIe/LP module

The table also presents performance estimates for the case in which the power turbine in the 3 MW-cIass plant is not fired. To maintain the design inlet temperature at the compressor turbine inlet without the need to fire the HP combustor, the selection of a new SOFC operating point at a higher cell current is required. With this relatively high current, the best plant efficiency is achieved with a reduced utilization.

In another conceptual design approach to achieving a PSOFC/GT power plant of approximately 3 MW capacity, a single-shaft gas turbine of nominally 1.2 MW rating has been applied. The design pressure ratio for this turbine is 6.36, and the turbine inlet temperature is 868 C. The SOFC module was configured using three 600 kW submodules as in previous analyses. To integrate the SOFC module and the gas turbine, the gas turbine inlet temperature and pressure ratio values were retained, but the system mass flow was reduced about 14%. The gas turbine has no intercooler, but it is recuperated, and the plant performance estimates summarized in Table 2 were done for a recuperator effectiveness of 93%. The estimates indicate that a plant based on a single-shaft gas turbine can achieve power and efficiency performance that is similar to that for the two-shaft power plant.

Table 2. PSOFC/GT (Single-Shaft) Power Plant Performance Estimates

Current Density, mA/cm2

; 550

SOFC Fuel Utilization, %

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