Figure 6

Interface conductivity (1/SRc) of the Ni/YSZ and Ni/CcYSZ electrodes as a function of log(Po ).

5. Conclusion

Planar type single cells with electrodes modified by mixed ionic-electronic conductors of CeYSZ and SDC were successfully fabricated and tested. An SDC thin layer was made at the cathode/electrolyte interface to reduce the ohmic resistance of ionic current at the interface. Ce02 was added in the Ni-YSZ cermet anode in order to increase the electronic conductivity of YSZ in the cermet. By these modifications we succeeded in reducing the interfacial overpotential and attained a high power density of 0.93W/cm2 using hydrogen as a fuel and air as an oxidizer. The SDC inter-layer was also found to be effective in improving the stability of cathode in long term operation.


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