Figure 1. Mfg. Cycle Rate Ratio

Figure 1. Mfg. Cycle Rate Ratio

Manufacturing Cost Study

To complement the manufacturing analyses, M-C Power initiated a manufacturing cost study. The manufacturing cost study allowed the "interactive" evaluation of reductions in process waste, increased yields, reduced startup and setup times, and higher through-put rates and their effects on total plant capacity and costs. Additionally, the effect of raw material cost changes, part planform and thickness variations, part count adjustments and staffing/equipment assignments, were readily evaluated. The manufacturing cost study was used to evaluate the material, direct labor, and overhead costs associated with the fabrication of IMHEX® molten carbonate stack assemblies. The elements of the manufacturing cost study were used to determine (by Pareto Principle) where the best return on technology investment is to be found.

The manufacturing cost study provided valuable insight into the present manufacturing capabilities of M-C Power. Facility assumptions and staffing assignments were made allowing the evaluation of manufacturing capability and at the same time, showing the allocation of cost among the various stack components. Figure 2 shows progress cost savings during the first three manufacturing runs.

250 kW STACK

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