0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000 18000

TIME, hr

|—OCV—»— C160m<tai2 —□—POLARIZATION —Q— mVR |

Cell-941operated for 6900 hours at 3 atm with system gases at 160 mA/cm2. It had a peak performance of 765 mV and a decay rate of 3 mV/1000 hours until a cathode overpressure incident occurred at about 5300 hours of operation. Thereafter, the cell decayed more rapidly. Its lifegraph is shown in Figure 2. Post test examination showed that corrosion of the anode wet seal was mild as was the case with the 17,000-hour cell. Wet seal leakage in the latter cell was related to the matrix and not due to wet seal corrosion.

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